Wednesday, December 2, 2015


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An update of sorts, though mostly photo's. 

It's odd, when I report here it's mostly to report a hot spring falling victim to private control ...

Luckily on the Indian continent private control is still beyond the horizon ... 
Bhutan, Nepal follow, above India.

Ending the hike with a traditional #hotstonebath #herbsaregoodforyou #hikingbuddies #bestfriends #ravebuddiesforlife #adventuresinbhutan [leaves] [footprints] [herb] 
Not a bad place to put the feet up after a day of trekking ­čĆö­čç│­čçÁ #AnnapurnaFoothills #NaturalHotSprings #JhinuDanda  

Then that news on developments, probably less desirable. 
Singapore's Straittimes (Oct. 11): 
'The city of Chongqing in China is hot, and not just because of its spicy food - the area is also famed for its hot springs'.
What follows are a short description of Chongqing's sights as well as going on about the acclaimed Banyan Tree hot spring. 

Yesterday was my lucky day. Bumped into a hot spring! Hot water flowing out of the rocks. Just me. Enjoying. In the rain. Life can be good! #hotspring #purenature #jiawa #sichuan #china #adventure #luckyday #travel #travelbybike #travelgram 
Meanwhile not so far away (May 5) notes the construction of a hot spring resort: 
'Ruff Well Water Resort by Shanghai studio Aim Architecture is a 2.4-hectare spa retreat located around a series of hot springs at the foot of Luo Fu Shan, a mountain range in Sichuan Province, China'. 
Of course top notch style, though the photo's reveal a suspect missing of human beings ...

Lucky I can still share these natural soaking photo's ...

Truly one and the only, this natural hot spring resort. #underthesnowmountain #hotspring #natural #snowmountain 

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  1. Hello there..
    From searching and finding the info of Yumai village in Tibet, I just bumped to your blog randomly.

    I found that this blog is interesting and have special of fondness. It's very antimainstream indeed.
    I also clicked to another blog that drove me to Soaking in SE Asia.

    Anyway, do you also experience the bath in those countries by yourself?
    Or maybe you search from another website of the firsthands experience then you paste it here?

    If you try to create the Hokkaido soak "onsen" version, maybe you can try to look this web:

    Cheers from Indonesia!

    "It's not just about the destination, but the journey"