Thursday, February 21, 2013

Soaking Snippets

An avid follower would have noticed that gradually all blog entries are being updated / corrected / reworked / expanded. But this is a very slow process so I want to add a short photographic overview of recent Himal finds.


Puga hot water springs  
 Puga Natural hot water springs [Ngari, Tibet]. geothermal spot. Look at hand of man every where on earth. Its covered with a drum and some old clothes. And as usual some pepsi bottles. This is a rich source of sulphur. Soon this spot will be eaten up by some chemical industry. 

(Source from flickr: Rithwik)

Hot springs near Dzogchen Valley [Sichuan]
(Source: Denis Lipatov
Tub [Kirgistan]
Source: Roberto de La Tour on flickr

Somewhere in Lamjung, Nepal. From Buzz Nepal Treks Facebook page.

Besides the ferry crossing, we had heard that somewhere in Gele [Yunnan] there were hot springs. When we found it, the single spring turned out to be a bit of a sad affair. There had obviously once been a structure built around the spring. The walls still stood — although they were in serous disrepair — but the roof had long ago disappeared.
It was actually a refreshing change when compared to Kunming's dolled-up hot spring spas. This single water hole was rustic, quiet and we had it to ourselves. We settled slowly into the scalding water and collectively let out a sigh. After three days on bikes and three nights of near-freezing temperatures, the water was heavenly.
From the blog.

Ugyen's family sits inside one of the four bath tubs. Grandfather and grandmother soak themselves and scrub one another inside the bath while the children amuse themselves. The bath is partitioned in a way so that the doh can not enter the main bathing vessel, protecting each body from contact with the scalding stones. 
A hot stone bath, a tradition from Bhutan. From the blog of A Year of Blue Poppies