Friday, July 10, 2015

With a view

A couple of  photo's to beathe some fresh air in the blog.

Hot spring with a view of the Himalayas emoji // Tatopani Village, Tamang Heritage Trail, Nepal #nepaliloveyou

Soaking in the hot spring
Jhinu hot spring, Nepal from puncturesandpanniers

Then over the mountains to Sichuan's Qamdo region, the first following photo picked up from Facebook, a soak in Kangding.

'Filming, playback over yak meat pizza, and impromptu natural hot springs, Tibet'.

If you made it to Dangling you deserve to have a bath at the local hot-springs. Do not think anything fancy, expect the real thing.
They are located in two areas, the first one at Benmu (‘fire bath‘ in Tibetan), rich in sulphur. The other site is at Kabu (‘grassland bath‘), surrounded obviously by grassland. The two springs are approximately 4 kilometres south of the Dangling village, the water level is the same all year round and the water close to the source can reach up to 75 degrees Celsius.
In winter, the enjoyment only gets better as you take the pleasure of bathing in the warm spring water meanwhile you indulge in the snow’s winter scenery.

еще одно святое место-горячие источники кхирганги (2850м) вода прозрачнейшая)греюсь☺️потом-пуховик и шерстяные носки)
amaaask#himachal #himalaya #kheerganga #hotspring
Over to India's Himal section, above the ever photogenetic Kheerganga, below Tattapani.
Hot natural springs in Tattapani near Shimla...The healing power of this spring attracts visitors from all over India. The high mineral content of the spring offer unique benefits for the skin ad entire body-mind system. Let's dip our bodies into natural hot paradise! Plan your trip to Himalayas and enjoy hot springs with #nomadaytravel #shimla #tattapani #hotsprings #himanchal #minerals #relax #healingpower #bath #nature #instalike #instapic #mountains #river #sutlej #peace #woman 
Traveling couchsurfers Kirin, Ben and Tom take a dip in a hot spring bed found in the Pamir Mountains [of Tajikistan] in Jawshargor.