Saturday, April 6, 2013

 'Tatopani hot spring'
The Tatopani, northwest of Dhunche, Nepal. From the photobucket page of Bramsam.

'Baignade dans des thermes naturels'
Tirthapuri hot springs, west Tibet. From en roues libres

Borong hot spring, Sikkim, India. From the webstagram account of skoisirius :
'Discovered the #Borong #HotSprings today. After one of the bumpiest rides on #twowheels ever, around 20 clicks later, we ended up at a huge hole in the road and had to walk from there. 40 minutes through a Nepalese #Shire (not joking) we hit the river and right next to it, this simple, yet #natural #pool of lovely #sulfury water. Our soakmates: #Sikkimese , #Nepalese , and #Bhutane , in which a few of the younger men spoke decent enough English for small talk. The hike back up through the Shire was an hour and a half long and decently intense ventute, but with the help of a local man, we located our transpo and were off on a whole different adventure getting back to #Ravangla. Quite the rewarding and overall incredible day! Stoke. | #Sikkim #India #Globetrotter #Winning #Travels #AreWeStillInIndia'

Baltistan, Hot Springs'.
From the flickr page of  Gaetano Pezzella

A child enjoying the hot springs at Malki, Kamchatka [Russia]'
From the flickr account of  Jorgen Dalen