Sunday, March 15, 2015


Time for another photo overview of just how pretty and unique the natural hot springs of the Himalaya are. 

Let's start off with a hot spring not highlighted in the Himachal Pradesh, India posting. Kangra district  has hidden a number of hot springs. Kevinhaas has a blog entry on the village of Ladwara with this picture on what are essentially lesser known hot springs:

The town has several warm springs along the river with small temples and sites of morning bathing and washing...

Furthermore from this part of India are the following:

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Skipping Nepal briefly one ends up in the former kingdom of Sikkim, another part of the world hooked on soaking. And by the looks of it, recording it on yer mobile!

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A couple of too many photo's from Nepal need to be shared!
Tatopani Hot Springs   
These natural hot springs are said to contain ancient healing powers. The feeling of immersing ourselves in these hot waters after a long day's hiking was the best remedy!  
Chilime hot spring, or Tatopani, high up in the Himals close to the Tibetan border. From the photoblog on the Tamang trail by man vs map

Not so far away, on yer way to and from Langtang there's a hot spring to be discovered near Lama hotel as napo b live discover:

We spent the afternoon camping by the hot spring, reading,  talking and blessing this place. We cooked some noodles at the camp then went down to the sulphur hot spring, where in the afternoon I diverged some water to a large stone and mud hole. We set up candles and ate chocolate and watched the moon appear over the mountainside. 
Unlike hot springs near volcanos, our 'TATOPANIS' r user-friendly but not properly developed. See the difference 
And who says soaking is not socializing? 
Well not always, on yer way to Annapurna base camp top off yer trek at Jhinu's riverside hot spring:

Day 4. Yesterday we passed by natural #HotSprings, the temperature inside +30, outside 15. It's an amazing place, which made us relax a little. Now we are at 3200 m. snow everywhere and its f*cking freezing... emoji it's a kind of hard track started for us emoji#Nepal

Further eastwards, locals in Bhutan prefer the ultra social soaking solution!

A 7 hour road trip on windy, dusty, bumpy roads, freezing overnight wild camping with a small Himalayan black bear roaming around the campsite and a short hike to join half of Bhutan at Gasa Hotsprings! #gasa #hotsprings #bhutan #everydayasia #EverydayEverywhere 

Can't fully locate the next one, it's probably on the upper reaches of the Mekong (Chinese refer to this as Lancangjiang), well into Tibet. Looks neat ...!

A Han tourist enjoys himself in a hot-spring pool beside the Lancangjiang river at a resort in#Tibet #China #曲孜卡 #温泉 #盐井 #芒康 #TheChangingTibet

Perfect end
Then hopping over the mountains back west, we end up in Tajikistan's Wakhan valley.

Goats on the road
'It was the perfect end to the perfect day in the Pamirs'.

Enough of gina, time for some guy time for me. At the Bibi Fatima hot springs in Tajikistan! #sexypose #hotspring #travel #tajikistan #centralasia #footprintsacrossasia #travelmadedifferent #ssbd #wakhan