Sunday, September 6, 2015


To start off this photo post, let's see what recent pictures were published from the former Soviet republic. To start with current day Russia and the many hot springs surrounding the Baikal lake, Siberia. This being Zaibaikal:

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In the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, this peculiar hot spring, a must-see of every off the trodden path tourist, source.
KAZAKHSTAN, BAIKONUR : People cool off in a hydrosulfuric spring at the bank of the Syr Darya river in Kazakhstan’s city of Baikonur, near the well-known Russian leased cosmodrome, on August 29, 2015. The temperature in the city reached 29 degrees celsius. AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

Car wash
Heading more to the south, Mongolia and Tibet:

Mongolia!!! Paradise 

 Many of the nearby hills were covered in prayer flags, as are almost all the hills in this part of the world. Nearby is the Northern Sichaun-Tibet Highway. Along the highway is Darjay Gompa, an important monastery that seemed like all the other monasteries to me. The dirt roads had Tibetan horsemen, roaming groups of village children (“I love you America!”) and monks on motorcycles. 
There is a small hot-spring with lukewarm water on the other side of a river from Talam Khang. There are always ten or more people there, taking baths and chatting and a nearby shop sells alcohol. Ana was hesitant to get into the water in the almost entirely naked man-infested pool. There was trash all around the edges – though almost all Tibetan people live off the land, they could hardly be seen as environmental stewards, the addiction to producing garbage has afflicted them, too. They drive their motorbikes and cars everywhere. It isn’t strange to see them herding yaks on motorbike, honking and whipping at them in the mountain grasslands, their campsites strewn with empty bottles and instant noodle packaging.
At night I went for a beer at the warm springs and was sitting on a rock with the Germans. A man drove his jeep right into the pool and started washing the mud off of it just a couple feet from us.
 objevily jsme horké prameny!
Somewhere on the Tibetan plateau, source

The Dezhong hot spring, Lhasa, Tibet, source

Wild and free
Then on to the Himal proper: later Nepal. 
From India comes this photo entry from ramblingwiththerickshaws, a thoroughly enjoyable and different experience of India.

 I never thought smelling like sulfur would become such a memorable and special experiment and although I am fully clothed the rest of the time here in India, going wild and free will always have a special meaning meaning for me, especially in the Himalayas.
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Monsoon season is already here in the Philippines, despite the summer heat. Don't know why, but it made me think of this place. After a tiring and hot second day on the Tamang Heritage Trail, we finally made it to the village of Tatopani. And this was our reward - a relaxing and steamy bath in the village's hot spring with a view of the Himalayas. At night it rained and hailed. But it was quite warm inside the dining hall. A bad Nepali (or maybe it was Indian) drama tv show being watched by the village children made us laugh and entertained us throughout the night. I miss trekking in Nepal. // Tatopani, Tamang Heritage Trail, Nepal