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Hot pot
In the area to the northwest of Kathmandu, south of the Ganesh Himal and Manaslu, a few less well-known hot springs can be found.
Jharlang hot spring is to be found in the district of Dhading, not so far from from Kathmandu. Jharlang takes it name from the village with the same name. It's a day and a half walk from the district capital of Dhading Besi (source).

Further far away is the hot spring of Chalise (Charlise, Chalish). There is this discription:
'Today we will get rest in the village as we have long way up and down to and will have good communication but there are some sight visiting place called Tatopani where the hot spring. The pot is not very big but it is naturally hot. There are three pond at the same place will take 1:30 hours from the Chalise village'.
Could this be the hot spring:

In Gorkha district we learn (should be past tense: the link is broken! ... sigh) there are two hot springs:
'Tatopani hot water spring site (at 3,300ft) half an hour from Khorlabensi [Khola Besi], Machha Khola village hot spring on the other side of Bun [Buri] Gandaki'.
Both hot springs are located along the Budi Gandaki river. 

See the photo below by Mann Gurung, simply entitled 'Tatopani':

'That night we stop in a town called Tatopani, meaning “hot water”. The village is exploiting a nearby hot spring and that’s where it takes its name from. Before nightfall, I go down to the river. We have never been this close to Buri Gandaki. I find a nice spot on the rocks to sit and look at the blue-greenish alpine water. I stare at the patterns forming in whitewater, just fascinated for a moment. Before I know it, the sun has gone. Time for me to go as well'.
Me briefs on tatopani but walks faster than the first quote above:
'there is a small hot spring 20 min further'. 
There is though little info on the specific hot spring on the other side of Buri Gandaki. 

Possibly the same but possibly not, an art lover details:
'Just south of the town of Arughat, along the Buri Gandaki River in central Nepal there is a small hot spring which has been channelled into a public bath. Next to this bath are two small buildings which over the centuries were used as Buddhist and then Hindu shrines'.
Just so as not to confuse: Arughat hot spring near Arughat. Tatopani hot spring between Machha Khola and Khola Besi. Unless I have them mixed up ...

HOT spring in Tatopani from perfilov


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